Sami’s Bakery hand-made breads

One bite is all it takes to know the quality and freshness we have to offer.

People loved our breads so much, we couldn’t help but introduce new and innovative products with unsurpassed quality and consistency that a loyal devoted following developed.

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A few things you should know.

Nutrition facts that we stand behind.

Take a look at the nutrition facts for our Chocolate/Vanilla flavors, the base of all of our flavors

Sami’s Bakery Breads

Yes, D'Lites ice cream is Kosher.

D'Lites is certified Kosher and carries products that would usually be found in specialized markets.

Sami’s Bakery Breads

10% Discount for all Police and Firefighters!

At D'Lites St Pete we believe if you brave the heat you deserve a D'Lites treat.

Sami’s Bakery Breads

Need Directions? Visit us in Disston Plaza.

Click here for directions. Check out our daily flavors and natural products we keep in stock.

Sami’s Bakery Breads
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